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Our wide plank engineered wood flooring is crafted with premium materials and engineered design to ensure floor quality and durability, creating a spacious and luxurious visual effect. Additionally, we offer customized solutions tailored to specific needs.
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Wide Plank Engineered Floor Species

Wide Plank Engineered Floor Species offers a diverse range of wood species, including oak, walnut, teak, doussie, and iroko.
Each species possesses unique characteristics that can bring a natural, warm, and luxurious atmosphere to your space.
Wide Plank Oak Engineered Flooring

Wide Plank Oak Engineered Flooring

Our oak flooring is sourced from European and Russian origins, including the Wide Plank White Oak Engineered Flooring. It features classic wood grain and tones, offering durability and easy maintenance. Suitable for both commercial and residential flooring installations, such as living rooms,offices , dining areas.

Wide Plank Walnut Engineered Flooring

Wide Plank Walnut Engineered Flooring

Our walnut wide plank hardwood flooring originates from American Walnut, featuring rich dark tones and textures that enhance the quality and personality of the space, It is suitable for high-end residential and luxury commercial spaces.

Wide Plank Teak Engineered Flooring

Wide Plank Teak Engineered Flooring

Our teak wood is sourced from burma , chinese and other origins. Wide plank teak engineered flooring is water-resistant and corrosion-resistant, presenting warm, natural golden tones with unique wood grain.It can be used indoors and outdoors.

Wide Plank Doussie Engineered Flooring

Wide Plank Doussie Engineered Flooring

Wide Plank Engineered Floor made of Doussie wood offers an elegant appearance, high strength, and excellent resistance to wear, making it suitable for high-traffic areas such as hotel lobbies, shopping malls, and luxury residences.

Wide Plank Iroko Engineered Flooring

Wide Plank Iroko Engineered Flooring

Wide plank engineered wood flooring made from Iroko features rich colors and textures, along with excellent durability and natural resistance to decay, making it suitable for various environments and applications.

Wide Plank Engineered Floor Color

Our wide plank engineered flooring offers a variety of carefully selected floor colors to meet different design needs and personal preferences.
No matter which color you choose, our flooring will enhance your space with beauty, durability, and comfort.
light wide plank engineered hardwood flooring

light wide plank hardwood flooring

Light wide plank engineered hardwood floors can enhance the brightness and openness of a space, making them suitable for small areas or rooms in need of extra light. Both natural wide plank wood flooring and white oak engineered flooring wide plank are excellent choices.

medium-tone wide plank engineered hardwood flooring

medium-tone wide plank hardwood flooring

Medium-tone flooring falls between light and dark colors, typically presenting a natural, warm feeling. They are suitable for various decorating styles, and wide plank walnut engineered flooring generally belongs to this color range.

dark wide plank engineered hardwood flooring

dark wide plank hardwood flooring

Dark Wide Plank Engineered Hardwood Flooring typically exudes a sense of sophistication and luxury, imparting a noble ambiance,They are also relatively resistant to dirt.Deep brown and smoked black oak wide plank hardwood flooring enhances the space with a sense of quality and uniqueness.

gray wide plank engineered hardwood flooring

gray wide plank hardwood flooring

Gray wide plank engineered hardwood flooring evokes a sense of freshness and elegance, making it suitable for modern, Scandinavian, and industrial decor styles. It is typically crafted from Oak or White Oak that has been processed to achieve the gray color.

Wide Plank Engineered Floor size

We cover a wide range of size options available in the market, from the common 5-inch to the large-scale 15-inch. We offer various grades, including Prime Rustic, Select, and Rustic.
5 inch wide engineered hardwood flooring is a moderately sized option suitable for various room sizes. They offer a classic yet modern appearance. This width of flooring typically suits spaces that require fewer decorative elements and a more minimalist style.
Slightly wider than the 5-inch option, 6 inch wide engineered hardwood flooring offers more coverage and suits various room sizes. Balancing classic aesthetics with modern appeal, it’s versatile for different interior design styles, ideal for spaces needing elegance without overwhelming decor.
7.5 inch wide engineered hardwood flooring brings a broader appearance to rooms, suitable for medium to large-sized decorations. This width of flooring can increase the sense of spaciousness and flow in a room while maintaining a certain classic charm.
8.5 inch wide engineered hardwood flooring is a broader option that can imbue the room with a sense of luxury and sophistication, rendering the entire space more inviting. They are suitable for opulent decor styles or environments seeking a high-end ambiance.
Broader than the 8.5 inch option, 9.5 inch wide engineered hardwood flooring adds luxury and sophistication, creating a welcoming atmosphere and enhancing overall aesthetic appeal. Suitable for upscale residential or commercial settings aiming for refined ambiance.
10 inch wide engineered hardwood flooring is an exceptionally wide option suitable for rooms that need to emphasize a sense of spaciousness and luxury. This width of flooring can add a stunning presence to a room. They are suitable for large villas, banquet halls, or other places that require a prestigious atmosphere.
12 inch wide engineered hardwood flooring is an extremely wide option that can bring a tremendous sense of tension and visual appeal to a room, making the entire space look very grand. They are suitable for grandiose palace-style decoration or places that require a highly impressive ambiance.

Custom engineered hardwood flooring size

We can adjust the width based on the dimensions of the space, the decorative style, and personal preferences to ensure a perfect match and meet the customer’s requirements. Custom-sized engineered hardwood flooring is typically part of high-end custom or specialized design projects.
Custom engineered hardwood flooring size

Custom Wide Plank Engineered Floor

Material Selection Capability:

We meticulously select the finest raw materials to ensure the optimal performance and quality of our flooring. Our team of material selectors undergoes rigorous screening, choosing only the materials that best suit your project, thus providing you with exceptional flooring quality.

Customization Capability:

Equipped with advanced customization technology and a team rich in experience, we can tailor our flooring to your individual requirements. This includes customization of dimensions, colors, textures, and surface treatments. Whether you desire a traditional, modern, or unique style, we can customize the ideal flooring for you, ensuring that your space stands out from the rest.

Wide Plank Engineered Floor Installation loss

Installation loss refers to the potential material loss that may occur during the installation process of wide plank engineered flooring. This loss typically results from cutting the flooring to fit the shape of the room, trimming edges to accommodate walls or other obstacles, and errors that may arise during the installation process.

To lay 100 ft²of plank engineered wood flooring with floorboards sized at 190mm1900mm (approximately 7.5 inches75 inches), and straight laying:

Calculate the Number of Floorboards Needed:

Allow for Expansion Gaps:

Estimate Loss After Laying:


Installing wide plank engineered wood flooring involves preparing the subfloor, acclimating the flooring, laying out the planks, cutting and fitting them, and securing them in place according to the chosen installation method.
The customization options for custom wide plank hardwood flooring are extensive and may include selecting the plank width, choosing from a variety of wood species such as oak, walnut, or Teak, deciding on the desired finish (e.g., matte, glossy), specifying texture (e.g., smooth, distressed), and selecting a custom stain or color.
Rustic hardwood flooring wide plank distinguishes itself from other hardwood flooring options by its intentionally distressed or aged appearance, which sets it apart as a unique and characterful flooring choice. It offers a more rustic and natural aesthetic compared to traditional or contemporary hardwood flooring styles.
Wide plank distressed engineered hardwood flooring is appropriate for a diverse array of indoor environments, encompassing living rooms, dining areas, bedrooms, and home offices. Additionally, it can be applied in select commercial spaces with low moisture,Nonetheless, it’s advisable to refrain from installing it in areas prone to high humidity, like bathrooms or outdoor locales.
Commercial wide plank engineered flooring refers to engineered wood flooring with wider-than-average planks specifically designed for commercial spaces. These planks provide a larger surface coverage compared to standard-width planks, making them suitable for commercial applications.
Wide plank hand scraped engineered hardwood flooring offers several advantages. It provides a distinct and rustic appearance. Additionally, the engineered hardwood structure enhances resilience and stability, Suitable for use in various environments.

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