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Engineered Wood Flooring Finishes

Enhance the quality of your space with our premium engineered flooring surfacing solutions. Impress our customers with superior finishes, high durability and a wide range of customizable options to meet a variety of design needs.
1. Brushed
2. Hand Scraped
3. Sawn Mark
4. Smoked
5. White Washed
6. Distressed

By Types

Brushed engineered wood flooring

Brushed finishes

Engineered wire brushed hardwood flooring boasts a textured surface achieved through meticulous brushing with a wire brush. This technique highlights the natural grain patterns, adds depth, and enhances the rustic charm of the flooring.

Hand scraped engineered wood flooring

Hand Scraped Finishes

Hand scraped engineered hardwood flooring offers a distinctive textured surface achieved through hand scraping, mimicking the look of aged, reclaimed wood. Especially wide plank hand scraped hardwood flooring adds depth, character, and a rustic ambiance to any space.

Engineering Wood Flooring Sawn Mark Treatment

Sawn Mark Finishes

Sawn mark engineered hardwood flooring features textured surface marks created by sawing techniques. These marks mimic the look of rough-sawn lumber, adding character, depth, and a rustic appeal to the flooring.

Smoked engineered wood flooring

Smoked Finishes

Smoked engineered wood flooring undergoes a smoking process to deepen and enrich its color throughout the wood's thickness. This results in a rich, luxurious appearance with enhanced depth and character.

white washed engineered wood flooring

White Washed Finishes

White washed engineered wood flooring features a light, white or gray wash applied to the surface, creating a beachy, coastal look. It adds brightness, openness, and a relaxed atmosphere to any space.

Distressed engineered wood flooring

Distressed Finishes

Distressed engineered hardwood flooring features intentional markings and imperfections, such as scrapes and knots, to mimic the appearance of aged, weathered wood. Specifically wide plank distressed wood flooring creates a rustic, antique charm with character-rich appeal.

The comparison of types of engineered
wood flooring finishes




Sawn Mark


White Washed


Surface Texture

Textured, fine grain

Textured, rustic

Textured, saw marks

Textured, rich

Textured, light

Textured, aged


Natural, modern

Rustic, aged

Rustic, rugged

Luxurious, dark

Coastal, bright

Antique, weathered


Subtle, refined

Bold, rugged

Bold, rough

Rich, deep

Airy, relaxed

Authentic, aged

Aesthetic Appeal







Color Variation














Design Flexibility







Room Suitability














By applications

Brushed Engineered Wood Flooring

Ideal for adding texture and character to modern and contemporary interior designs.Ideal for residential settings including living rooms, bedrooms, and dining areas, as well as commercial environments like offices, boutique shops, and restaurants.
Brushed Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wide Plank Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring

Adds a rustic, antique look to traditional and farmhouse-style interiors. And Ideal for high traffic areas, like entryways, hallways and family rooms. Provides warmth and character to residential spaces, including cabins, lodges, and cottages.
Hand Scraped Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Sawn Mark Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Offers a rugged, industrial aesthetic suitable for urban lofts, modern industrial spaces, and contemporary homes.Enhances the authenticity of rustic and reclaimed wood-themed interiors. Ideal for residential applications in kitchens, basements, and home offices.
Sawn Mark Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Smoked Engineered Wood Flooring

Adds depth and richness to luxury residential spaces such as master bedrooms, libraries, and home theaters. Especially smoked oak engineered wood flooring creates a sophisticated ambiance in upscale commercial environments like boutique hotels, spas, and executive offices.
Smoked Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered White Wash Wood Floor

It offers a versatile and contemporary aesthetic suitable for various interior styles. Ideal for modern homes, beach houses, or rustic-themed interiors, it adds warmth and character while providing the durability of engineered wood.
White Washed Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wide Plank Distressed Wood Flooring

Offers an aged, weathered look that complements vintage and shabby chic interior styles. Adds charm and character to residential spaces such as historic homes, country estates, and farmhouse kitchens. Creates a cozy, inviting atmosphere in boutique retail stores, artisanal cafes, and boutique hotels.
Distressed Engineered Hardwood Flooring


Surface treatment refers to various techniques and processes applied to the top layer of engineered wood flooring to alter its appearance, texture, or characteristics. This can include brushing, distressing, hand-scraping, sawn marks, smoking, or staining.
Surface treatment enhances the aesthetic appeal of engineered wood flooring by adding texture, depth, and character. It can create a unique, customized look that mimics the natural beauty of solid wood while also providing additional durability and hiding minor imperfections.
Common surface treatment options include brushed, hand-scraped, sawn mark, smoked, white washed, and distressed finishes. Each treatment offers a distinct look and texture, ranging from rustic and aged to modern and sleek.
Consider factors such as the desired aesthetic, the overall style of your space, and the level of durability you require. Sample boards and consultations with flooring experts can also help in making an informed decision.
Yes, surface treatments are designed to enhance the durability of engineered wood flooring by adding texture and protection to the top layer. The durability may fluctuate based on both the treatment type and the flooring’s quality.
Depending on the depth of the treatment and the thickness of the wear layer, some surface treatments may be able to be refinished to restore or change the appearance of the flooring.
Frequent sweeping or vacuuming, supplemented by periodic damp mopping, typically maintains surface-treated engineered wood flooring well. Steer clear of harsh cleaners or abrasive substances to avoid potential damage to the surface treatment.

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