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Custom Parquet Flooring

Our Custom Parquet Wood Floor Patterns offer a blend of elegance and versatility, transforming any space into a timeless masterpiece. Crafted with precision, each pattern showcases intricate detailing and rich character. With customizable options for size, color, and wood species, these floors allow you to express your unique style and create a truly personalized environment that stands the test of time.
1. Custom Size
2. Custom Patterns
3. Custom Color

Geometric patterned wood flooring

Custom braid pattern parquetry flooring

Braid Pattern Wood Flooring

Custom 3D parquetry flooring


Custom flower pattern parquetry flooring

flower pattern

Custom trapezoid parallelogram parquetry flooring

Trapezoid Parallelogram

Custom square parquetry flooring

Square Flooring

Custom parquet Square Flooring

parquet Square Flooring

Custom lotus flower pattern parquetry flooring

Lotus Flower Pattern

Custom trapezoid pattern parquetry flooring

Trapezoid Pattern

Custom herringbone parquetry flooring


Custom hexagon pattern parquetry flooring

Hexagon Pattern

Custom X shape parquetry flooring

X shape

Custom complex pattern parquetry flooring

complex pattern

Curved patterned wood flooring

Custom lotus leaf parquetry flooring

Lotus Leaf

Custom lotus parquetry flooring


Custom half arc parquetry flooring

half arc

Custom leaf parquetry flooring


Custom sunflower parquetry flooring


Custom silhouette parquetry flooring


Custom hexagonal arc parquetry flooring

Hexagonal arc

Custom scales parquetry flooring


Custom hexagon parquetry flooring


Tiles With Non-Wood Materials

Custom Parquetry flooring with metal

Parquetry flooring with metal

Custom Parquetry flooring with jade

Braid Pattern Wood Flooring

Custom Parquetry flooring with shell

Parquetry flooring with shell

Custom parquetry flooring with crystal

Parquetry flooring with crystal

Custom Color

grey parquet engineered wood flooring

Gray parquet wood flooring

Offers a modern, sophisticated look with a sleek, contemporary feel. Its subtle gray tones add elegance to any space, providing a versatile foundation for various interior design styles.

Custom light parquet engineered wood flooring

Light parquet wood flooring

Radiates warmth and openness, brightening up rooms with its airy ambiance. Its pale hues create an illusion of spaciousness, making it ideal for smaller areas or rooms with limited natural light.

Custom dark parquet engineered wood flooring

Dark parquet wood flooring

Exudes richness and depth, bringing a sense of luxury and drama to interiors. Its deep, earthy tones create a cozy atmosphere, perfect for creating a statement or adding contrast to lighter decor elements.

Custom brown parquet engineered wood flooring

Brown parquet wood flooring

Epitomizes classic elegance with its timeless appeal. Its warm, inviting shades add comfort and coziness to any space, complementing a wide range of design schemes from traditional to contemporary.

Custom Size

Every customer requires different parquet floor graphic sizes, we can cut parquet flooring patterns to the size the customer wants.
For example, we made leaf pattern wooden flooring in 5 sizes. Let’s say you want leaf pattern wood flooring but don’t have any experience designing for dimensions. In this case, this is where you can choose the right size for your customer’s interior flooring installation. We can manufacture and supply leaf pattern wooden flooring in this size and help you with product delivery.

Custom Patterns

We offer the capability to manufacture flooring tailored precisely to your design specifications, ensuring every detail is meticulously realized. Furthermore, our expertise extends to assisting in the production of bespoke parquet floors under your brand, guaranteeing expedited delivery without compromising on quality standards.
With our comprehensive support, you can confidently bring your vision to life, knowing that your custom-designed floors will be crafted with precision, efficiency, and uncompromising quality, meeting and exceeding your expectations every step of the way.
triangle parquetry patterns

triangle parquetry patterns

Arrow Parquetry Patterns

Arrow Parquetry Patterns

Rhombus Parquetry Patterns

Rhombus Parquetry Patterns

Ombre Parquetry Patterns

triangle parquetry patterns


Yes, custom parquet flooring allows you to specify the dimensions and shapes of the individual pieces to suit your design preferences and space requirements.
Most wood species can be used for custom parquet flooring, including oak, walnut, maple, cherry, and more. The choice depends on your desired aesthetics, durability, and budget.
Absolutely. You have the option to select from a variety of finishes, such as matte, satin, or glossy, as well as different staining options to achieve the desired color tone.
The production timeline can vary depending on factors like the complexity of the design, the quantity required, and the availability of materials. Typically, it can take several weeks to months from initial consultation to installation.
Yes, many manufacturers offer design consultation services to help you conceptualize and plan your custom parquet flooring layout, ensuring it meets your aesthetic vision and functional needs.
Custom parquet flooring may come at a higher price point compared to pre-made options due to the personalized nature of the design and production process. However, the investment often results in a unique and tailored flooring solution that adds significant value to your space.
Yes, custom parquet flooring can be compatible with radiant heating systems, but it’s essential to discuss this requirement with your flooring provider to ensure proper installation techniques and materials are used.
Like any hardwood flooring, custom parquet floors require regular cleaning and maintenance to preserve their beauty and longevity. Your provider can offer guidance on the best cleaning products and practices for your specific flooring.

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