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Chevron engineered wood flooring commonly employs narrow plank engineered hardwood, creating its distinctive pattern by interlocking adjacent planks at 45 or 60-degree angles. This type of engineered hardwood flooring can generate a sense of linear flow, enhancing the room’s depth and artistic appeal.
1. By Wood Species
2. By Customized Pattern And Size
3. Installation Loss

Species Of Chevron Engineered Wood Flooring

engineered oak chevron flooring

Oak Engineered Chevron Wood Flooring

Engineered oak chevron hardwood flooring boasts excellent stability, minimizing the impact of humidity and temperature fluctuations. Our oak colors can include white, natural, grey,red, black, coffee, and more, sourced from Europe, Russia, and other origins. Lighter shades of oak flooring are particularly popular in interior design, as they bring warmth and coziness to any room.

walnut engineered Chevron flooring

Walnut Engineered Chevron Wood Flooring

Walnut engineered Chevron hardwood flooring typically features deep tones and unique grain patterns, bringing warmth and luxury to indoor spaces. We offer a variety of colors and origins, including natural walnut, black walnut, American walnut, Asian walnut, and more.

Teak Engineered Chevron Flooring

Teak Engineered Chevron Wood Flooring

Teak engineered hardwood flooring with herringbone pattern features unique grain patterns, while showcasing rich, warm color tones, enhancing the beauty of any room.Teak options include Burma Teak and Chinese Teak, among others.

Doussie Engineered Chevron Wood Flooring

Doussie Engineered Chevron Wood Flooring

Doussie Engineered Chevron Wood Flooring is a high-quality flooring product known for its excellent durability and wear resistance, typically presented in a parquet format. engineered chevron parquet flooring enhances the aesthetics and uniqueness of the flooring while elevating the overall decor.

Iroko Engineered Chevron Wood Flooring

Iroko Engineered Chevron Wood Flooring

Iroko Engineered Chevron Wood Flooring is an environmentally sustainable flooring product with unique features and advantages.It employs environmentally friendly materials, minimizing its environmental footprint. Whether it's in residential dwellings or commercial establishments, this type of engineered wood flooring is an ideal option.

Custom Pattern Of
Chevron Engineered Wood Flooring

Chevron Engineered Wood Flooring Custom Pattern

Custom Size Of
Chevron Engineered Wood Flooring

Chevron 45° size
Chevron 45° size
Chevron 60° size
Chevron 60° size

Installation loss of Chevron Engineered Wood Flooring

The installation loss of Chevron engineered wood flooring refers to the potential material waste that may occur during the laying process. Specifically, when laying Chevron-patterned engineered wood flooring, extensive cutting and fitting are required to ensure the floorboards align accurately to form the diagonal pattern. This cutting and fitting process typically results in greater material wastage.

To calculate the installation loss with each floorboard when laying chevron flooring, we first need to determine how many floorboards are needed to cover 100 ft² and then calculate the loss during installation.


Engineered Chevron wood flooring utilizes engineered wood flooring manufacturing technology, with a multi-layered structure at the bottom layer to enhance the floor’s stability and durability. In comparison to traditional Chevron parquet wood flooring, engineered Chevron wood flooring is more suitable for installation over underfloor heating systems and offers better moisture resistance.
Pre-cut engineered Chevron wood flooring features pre-cut V-shaped planks, simplifying the installation process and reducing installation time and labor costs. This type of flooring also ensures consistency and accuracy in the Chevron wood floor pattern.
Engineered Chevron wood flooring is adaptable to diverse environments, including residences, commercial areas, and offices. With its distinctively crafted design and remarkable performance, it stands out as a prime option for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of indoor flooring.It can also be used effectively in kitchen settings, as well as for basement and bathroom applications.
We offer a wide range of colors for chevron engineered wood flooring to suit different preferences and interior styles. You can choose from light wood chevron flooring, grey chevron wood floor, dark chevron wood floor, as well as light-colored engineered hardwood, black engineered wood flooring, and white engineered wood flooring. No matter if you lean towards a light and airy ambiance or opt for a bold and dramatic style, there’s a variety of colors to suit your aesthetic preferences.
Chevron engineered wood flooring typically comes in various thicknesses to accommodate different preferences and installation requirements. Common thickness options for Chevron engineered wood flooring include 14mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, and so on. These thicknesses are typically chosen based on factors such as the desired level of durability, the type of subfloor, and the overall aesthetic preferences of homeowners or designers.
Natural walnut engineered hardwood flooring typically refers to walnut that has not been stained or processed. American walnut engineered hardwood flooring is mainly made from American black walnut, often characterized by warm, deep brown to black hues, showcasing rich wood tones. Asian walnut engineered hardwood flooring usually comes from Asian regions such as China, Vietnam, etc., with grain patterns that may be more intricate than American walnut, displaying fine stripes and unique textures.

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